A Walk Round The End Of World
A Tale of the Holocaust


My Uncle Stan was a very brave man
Or so my Dad’s always said.
He came home from the war with a broken back
And invisible wounds in his head...”


This performance, presented and written by John, tells three stories...

  • The history of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
  • The war experiences of John’s great-uncle, Stan Coney, which culminated in his being one of the first British soldiers into Bergen-Belsen
  • John’s visit to the site of Bergen-Belsen
A Walk Round the End of the World is a 50-minute performance exploring one of the most notorious locations of modern history from both historical and personal perspectives. Aimed at Year 8 students and above, this presentation incorporates storytelling, verse and traditional song to create an original, non-sensational and thought-provoking learning experience around Holocaust studies. The script is thoroughly researched using historical sources and personal anecdotes, and links in with the National Curriculum for History, Drama, RE, English and PSHE. Post-performance workshops are also available.

"I think what you've done there is something that is so important, John, because it is happening, it has happened and, unless we start to do something, it will happen again … that was a very powerful experience" - Carl Chinn MBE, BBC Radio WM

“...engages young people in a style which is never patronising, but always relevant and original” - Kate Asbury, Pool Hayes Community School, Walsall

"... particularly important in raising the issue of the mental scars that war, genocide, hatred and discrimination can leave which are sometimes overshadowed by the physical effects of these occurrences"
- Kirsty Wade, Dudley Campaign for Equality and Diversity

"Very poignant and totally accessible"
- Sharon Bishop, Highfields School, Wolverhampton

A Walk Round the End of the World is now booking.