John has written extensively for the professional theatre and young people’s theatre, and has had two plays, Key To the Door and The Astounding Joseph Darby, produced by BBC Radio 4. Most of these scripts were commissioned, often with financial support from the Creative Partnerships programme, which links artists to schools. Examples are:
Home - commissioned by Gazebo Theatre-in-Education Company, this play was aimed at Year 5 students and celebrated the diversity of communities living in the West Midlands of the UK. It toured schools in the region, telling five true stories of how people from different parts of the world came to make their homes here. I subsequently went to a number of the participating schools to lead workshops in storytelling/storymaking.

Gimme Some Space - commissioned by the King’s School, Wolverhampton, and funded by Creative Partnerships, this production was written with guidance from school students as a celebration of all the spaces that exist (or could exist) within the school. Blending drama, dance and original music, this full-length play was originally presented at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, and subsequently at the King’s School and other Wolverhampton community venues.
Take Your Place - commissioned by Mouthpiece Theatre and AimHigher, this play toured secondary schools in Worcestershire with the aim of encouraging students to think about the opportunities, and potential problems, offered by university study.

Doing Our Bit - another commission from Gazebo Theatre-In-Education Company to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day, this play for secondary schools celebrated the diverse roles of women during World War II on the Home Front, in the armed forces and in popular fiction, exploring their hopes, fears and aspirations. It was toured throughout the Black Country area.

Would You Adam and Eve It - this play, commissioned by the King’s School, Wolverhampton and funded by Creative Partnerships, was written following direct input from students at the school and used drama, dance and original music to explore, in an often surreal and comic way, the dilemmas faced by a world that can do almost anything. But just because we can do something, does that mean we should?
Crossing The Bridge - commissioned by Birmingham City Council Housing Department and produced by Pro-Actors Ltd with the local community, this devised piece celebrated diversity across the age and cultural divides. The evil Mr Wolf intends to knock down the much-loved local community centre and replace it with yet another shopping. Only by working together can the wide range of groups using the centre foil his dastardly schemes. This script has been produced three times in different areas of the city and is rewritten for each production to reflect the community in which it is presented.

The Battle of Wodensfield - commissioned by Edward Elder Primary School, Wolverhampton, to mark the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Wednesfield, and written with the students, this play told the story of a great Black Country battle that was a turning point in the Saxon war against the Vikings.
No More Heroes - this exploration of what it means to be a hero was commissioned by the King’s School, Wolverhampton, and scripted after discussions with the cast and teachers.

Not Such A Sweet Tweet - this script, devised with students from a Warwickshire primary school, explored the dangers of the Internet. Children from the school subsequently toured the play to other primary schools, and the project was the recipient of several regional and national awards.

Lié Par L'Histoire - commissioned as a collaboration with Flexus Dance Company and Sterran Dance, this musical script is drawn from Breton folklore. John was also part of the performance as narrator and musician alongside Flexus dancers in an exploration of how story and superstition affect and shape all of our lives. This production toured secondary schools, colleges and arts centres a cross the midlands for five weeks.

Should your school wish to commission a script from John Edgar, or produce one of John’s existing plays, use the contact link below to find out more.