John Edgar’s Big Story World


“We all had such a wonderful time on Sunday morning @ Finnbee's Seafront with John Edgar's 'Big Story World'! His magical stories from every corner of this planet created such a buzz...Africa, America, Europe and Asia... it truly was an experience and a half for young and old :-)” (Yarn International Storytelling Festival, Bray, Ireland)

A storytelling and workshop programme for primary schools, libraries and other community events, and ranging from the comical to the creepy and the silly to the scary, John Edgar’s Big Story World is a choice collection of favourites from John’s repertoire, taking in African, American, European and Asian traditional tales alongside John’s original bizarre ballads and riotous rhymes. It’s a world in which mysterious beings lurk under every bush and tree, and animals talk. you’ll meet such characters as Himsuka, the parrot who could really talk, the fiercesome Hulak who once haunted the lakes of America (and may still be there!), the scratchy Fleaman, a runaway hamster, monsters lurking in the canals of England’s West Midlands, half a cockerel with ideas above his station and an ageing fox who proves to be far too clever for the hunt. There’s also a song or two for good measure. And once you’ve heard John’s rather gruesome and grotty version of Cinderella you’ll never look at this famous old fairy tale in the same light again.

Because it’s an anthology performance, John Edgar’s Big Story World is suitable for all ages. Similarly, the length of both performance and workshops can be tailored to suit specific requirements. Bring along your imagination, and be amazed and astounded by these big stories from the length and breadth of our small planet.


John Edgar’s Big Story World can either be booked as a single performance or as a number of performances and workshops across the school day. John is also available for virtual performances.

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