John has a number of CDs of his work for sale:

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Telling Tales - a recorded collection of John’s verse stories, including The Great Escape, The Tiger of The Alley, The Children of the Cut, The Tiger of the Alley, The Ballad of Eric the Fox and The Ballad of Joseph Darby.

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Breton Tales After Dark - CD of the original Breton Tales show, featuring The Ankou, Lon’s Wake, Marie and Antoine, The Lavandières and The Captain’s Wedding Ring.

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The Hanged Man and Other Breton Tales - taken from John’s third Breton Tales show, featuring St Yves de la Vérité, Ys, The Generosity of Laou Ar Braz and The Hanged Man.

'From the moment this 12 track CD opens with an acoustic traditional sounding folksy song (yes, the man can sing and play too!), going on to describe in tale form the things to be gathered together for the casting of a spell, it became apparent that this too was no ordinary set of stories. John Edgar has managed to capture the dark mysteries of old Brittany. His alluring ability to drag you into the tales comes via his very listenable animated manner which, should you ever get the opportunity to catch him live within the West Midlands, makes his story-telling a captivating art form. Cleverly interspersed with catchy little musical punctuations, the CD is full of energy and intrigue and should appeal to those of you who love audio books and appreciate a good set of yarns with a dark, if sometimes outright sinister flavour. It leaves you with that same unease as watching the original "Wicker Man" - totally "crept out" but also having been on a tremendously enjoyable, if rollercoaster-like, emotional journey.’ - JD Doc Smith - It’s Alive! Zine

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Intersigns - taken from John’s fourth Breton anthology and featuring Tryphina, Standing Stone, Yann Baz Houarn and The Dead Man’s Fiancée.

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Breton Christmas Spirits - a seasonal collection

“Christmas Eve was always special in Brittany. Not only was it the beginning of the most celebrated feast in the Christian calendar, it was also the night of miracles. It was a night when the ox and ass in the stable regained the power of speech in recognition of their good work on that first Christmas night. It was the season in which the ageless standing stones left their ancient beds at midnight to drink from the rivers, and there was treasure to be had – provided you were quick. On Christmas night you were either at midnight mass or in bed. For, of course, the dead also walked abroad ...”

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A Breton Tales Anthology - over 70 minutes of tales and songs taken from John’s three Breton Tales collections.

Each CD costs £7.50, including UK postage and packing, and can be ordered by contacting John