Tales of Longing and Loss

“Brave and funny and moving and skilful. People had lumps in their throats and cackled like hens ... Last night at Story Jam we had one of the nights that I've enjoyed most in the 6 years since it started.” - Alys Torrance

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Saudade: there’s no English word for it … it’s a sort of longing, a mourning for somewhere, sometime, someone that was once everything but can never be again.”

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Blending Iberian folklore with a shocking slice of Portuguese history, internationally-acclaimed writer and storyteller John Edgar’s brand new performance tells us three tales of princesses, two of whom do very well indeed, thank you, and a third, the renowned Inès de Castro, the celebrated Dead Queen of Portugal. Using a combination of storytelling and song, dark humour and the goriest of Grande Guignol, John Edgar brings his unique, lively, physical and “wonderfully feral” style to a show in which everyone doesn’t always live happily ever after and where the prince finally gets his princess but at a terrible cost.

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