Tales From a Friend of a Friend

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"People say sometimes that storytelling is about the past, that there are no new stories. But there are. They're turning up all the time. They just begin differently. It’s no longer about 'long ago and far away ...' but rather, 'A feller my dad worked with had a friend who met someone on holiday who ...' And then begins the most illogical, inconceivable sequence of events that just might have really happened. Because a feller that my dad worked with told him ..."

For this performance, writer, storyteller and musician John Edgar celebrates the strange phenomenon that is urban mythology: new folk tales that are no less magical and bizarre than their more traditional predecessors. Ranging from the eccentric to the hilarious to the downright terrifying (and occasionally slightly nauseating), and told in John's unique style, Tales from a Friend of a Friend is a frenetic feast of the fantastic, the funny, the frightening and the disturbingly familiar. You'll think twice before you believe anything anyone tells you ever again.

"It’s not just the words that make John funny, it’s the all action performance ... Anybody who hasn’t seen John Edgar has missed a treat.” - Behind The Arras

“John Edgar is an incredibly gifted craftsman, skilled in the art of creating an atmosphere that takes you right out of the theatre and straight inside the tale ... simply mesmerising.” - It’s Alive! Zine

Tales From a Friend of a Friend premiered at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton. Here are some audience comments from the night:

“So funny! Another great night, really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you.”

“Brilliant stories - thanks for a great evening”

“Loved the show John. It was the best I've seen you and I have loved every time.”

“A fantastic night out. Many thanks for the entertaining tales, John”

John also had the privilege and pleasure of performing “Tales From A Friend Of A Friend” at the Festival at the Edge international storytelling festival 2014. He has also subsequently told these tales for audiences in London and across the UK.

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